d3 Athletic Sports Tape
d3 Athletic Sports Tape Lightweight joint strapping tape Latex free Available in a range of colours
d3 Red Muscle Warm Up Rub
d3 Red Muscle Warm Up Rub Apply pre-exercise, or even during, to help guard against injuries that stem from not warming up properly Includes capsicol, eucalyptus, peppermint oil and winter green oil
d3 Platinum Rehab Wax 200 g
d3 Platinum Rehab Wax 200 g Long-lasting wax - similar in consistency to petroleum jelly. Includes beeswax. Suitable for pre and post-physical activity Helps aid recovery using natural ingredients including arnica oil, peppermint oil and menthol
d3 Gold Rehab Muscle Rub 200 g
d3 Gold Rehab Muscle Rub - 200 g Cream-based muscle rub for post physical activity Includes arnica and peppermint oil
d3 Cohesive Bandage Compression Wrap
d3 Cohesive Bandage Compression Wrap Ideal for compression to reduce swelling The tape will only adhere to itself and no other surface 9.0 metres
d3 Rigid Strapping Tape
d3 Rigid Strapping Tape Strong support for high stress activity Latex-free adhesive 13.7 metres  
d3 Kinesiology Tape
d3 kinesiology tape Elastic cotton blend acrylic coated latex-free bandage Supports tired muscles  6.0 metres
d3 Mouthguard
d3 Mouthguard Dual layer - double gel mouthguard Designed for comfort, fit and protection Available in youth and senior (12+) Colours: Black, red and electric blue
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