MOTIVEfitness by UNO Speedmaster 1.8M Manual Incline Treadmill (white)
The Speedmaster 1.8M Treadmill from MOTIVEfitness by U.N.O. is the ideal, reliable low-mid-level treadmill for aerobic based treadmill training. With a running deck measuring 130 x 42cm it is both space-saving and fully functional at the same time. The strong 1.75h.p...
£600.00 £490.00
MOTIVEfitness Fit-Start Plus Programmable Manual Incline Treadmill BLUETOOTH
MOTIVEfitness Fit-Start Plus Programmable Manual Incline Treadmill BLUETOOTH The new Fit-Start Plus electronic treadmill from MOTIVEfitness is exactly what you have been looking for to train effectively without leaving the comfort and safety of your own home. Fold down the compact...
£450.00 £315.00
V-fit MXC1 Folding X-Frame Magnetic Exercise Bike
V-fit MXC1 Folding X-Frame Magnetic BikeThe innovative compact design of our X-Frame bike makes this truly space saving when not in use, folding together for upright storage. One of our favourites, delivering an exceptionally smooth & silent pedal action with good height...
£170.00 £149.00
V-fit ATC-16/1 Aerobic Training Cycle
V-fit ATC-16/1 Aerobic Training Cycle  Enjoy a proper workout at a pace that suits you in the comfort of your own home with the V-fit ATC-16/1 aerobic training cycle. Features a deep padded racing style saddle that adjusts both up...
XerFit X Bike
The latest addition to the new XerFit range, is our Folding X - framed Mag Bike. X-Bikes were introduced to the UK back in 2009 and have since become the countries best selling type of exercise bike, and no wonder given...
£185.00 £149.00
V-fit AL-16/1CE Combination 2-in-1 Magnetic Cycle-Elliptical Trainer
Our V-fit value for money range of home gym equipment introduces the all new AL-Series, MM-Series & PM-Series cardio blasting exercise machines! Choose the AL-Series for exercising on a budget, but without cutting any corners - this range offers compact machines...
£275.00 £249.00
V-fit Tornado Air Rowing Machine
V-fit Tornado Air Rowing MachineThe deluxe version of our very own AR1 Artemis Air Rower - featuring an upgraded Sculptured Seat, ergonomically shaped Row Handle for a longer pull and designer fittings to make this, in our opinion, simply the...
£440.00 £380.00
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