Opro Ortho Gumshields
The Opro Shield line of mouthguards were designed by Dr. Anthony Lovat BDS, the founder of OPRO which is the largest supplier of custom mouthguards in the world. The Opro Shield Line introduces the patented OproFin retention system which gives...
Opro Bronze Gumshield
OPRO Bronze 'Boil and Bite' design -one material with 11 self-forming fins High protection Age 7 years to adult.
Opro Gold Gumshield
OPRO Gold 'Boil and bite' mould design The best protection - two material tough outer shell, extra soft lining with 21 high flow, self-forming fins Age 7 years to adult
Opro Gold Gumshield
High protection, entry-level, 'Boil and Bite' design mouthguard -one material with 11 self-forming fins. OPROshields self fit range Bronze - High protection, entry-level design - one material mouthguard with 11 self-forming fins. Silver - Improved protection - Two material mouthguard...
Opro Silver Gumshield
OPRO Silver 'Boil and bite' design mouthguard Improved protection - Two material mouthguard with tough outer shell, soft lining with 11 self-forming fins. Age 7 years to adult.
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