"Rely on Rugbygear to Kit out your team, that's our Mission"

Club Shops, Customized with you own club name and....

  • All the club shops items are customized with Team logos based on the instructions from your club.

  • We have the facility where we can feed back some profits to the club, from your OWN dedicated club shop, contact 01665 604908 to get more information on this.

  • All the items related to Club shops have a delivery time of 14 working daysThis may rise to 21 working days during peak times(August-October and Christmas). We try our best, but the stock has to be customized and this requires time and dedication  to avoid errors. So don't worry, you'll have the items you ordered, but it just requires some extra time!

  • Customization on items is available on the garments on request

  • Retail and Internet orders follow a different path, so we can look into it faster if you email us instead of calling, this way we'll get back to you ASAP and with a more complete answer!

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